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Online School and job placement

We offer free training for the new IT world. Our teachings are conducted digitally online. All you need to do is join our screening and once approved you can start immediately 

Have completed high school and not sure wat to do?

Start your IT career with us

What happens after training?

After training, you are required to start and run your project. You are expected to show us you know what you have learned. Once you have completed the project, we will send to the company that is ready to hire you. Salary and package offers are reviewed and you start working immediately 

Your journey to your IT career

We offer full IT programs that are needed in the workplace. You can however choose what to learn based on your skills. The first week is dedicated to everyone and selection is available to anyone interested to specialize in a special field

This is a one week IT introduction. You will be able to learn more information about IT, programming and special field. You will also be able to start your own website using learned skills such as html, css and JV. The duration of this program is one week. 

Digital marketing is an option course that one can take. Preferred to be taken in conjunction with introduction to IT

You must have mastered and completed introduction to IT to enroll in advanced IT. This is for advanced lessons and can take up to 2 months to complete

Digital communication is a course that is offered in conjunction with basic IT. This introduces communication skills used in IT. Once you have completed this course, we will start placing you on a job

Let us get to know you. This is a 30 minutes introduction where we get to know you and your goals. We will work with you and help you start an amazing IT career

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